Training Manuals

The training manuals included here are for those who have a keen interest in all things relating to Mounted Troops. Enjoy!

Animal Management – 1908 (War Department):  Chapter VI –  Animal Management in the Open.

Yeomanry & Mounted Rifles Training, 1912 (1915):  Part I & II, Table of Contents

Part I – Training: Chapter 1 , Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4 – Part I, Chapter 4 – Part II, Chapter 5 – Part I, Chapter 5 – Part II, Chapter 5 – Part III, Chapter 5 – Part IV, Chapter 5 – Part V, Chapter 5 – Part VI, Chapter 5 – Part VII, Chapter 6,

Part II – War: Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12 & 13

N.W.M.P. (Commemorative Association) Manuals

We wish to thank Mr. Grant TYLER, Military Curator, Parks Canada, Winnipeg, Man. for compiling these excerpts from period manuals and making them available to us for our ongoing training. With his kind permission, we are able to include them here for association members, Parks Canada staff and the public at large to enjoy!

Mounted Duty & Related Subjects: Contents & Introduction, Stable Disc. & Duties, Preparatory Inst. Pt I., Preparatory Instructions Pt II.Aids-Military Equitation. Pt I., Aids – Military Equitation. Pt II., Dismounted Duty Pt I., Dismounted Duty Pt II., Mounted Fireing Exercise, Q. & A. for Cavalry N.C.O.’s Pt I., Q. & A. for Cavalry N.C.O.’s Pt II., Dismounted Firing Exercise – Winchester Carbine, Winchester Drill Manual, Lance Exercise, Duties – Veterinarian, Vet. N.C.O.’s, Farriers, Smiths.

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