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A brief history of the N.W.M.P. Commemorative Association.

The N.W.M.P. Commemorative Association (N.W.M.P.C.A. / Association / Troop) is made up of men and women interested in keeping the history of the North-West Mounted Police (N.W.M.P.) alive and is not connected to, or affiliated with, any police or security force, nor any police or security veterans or fraternal organizations.  Members can however, be members of the Association and any of the organizations noted above as well.

The Association’s by-laws were first adopted in December of 1985, and incorporated under the Societies Act of the Province of Alberta in February of 1986.  The N.W.M.P.C.A. is also recognized under the Federal Charitable Registrations Act.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the Association is made up of volunteers who, through a variety of programs initiated by the Troop, promote the history of the N.W.M.P. through educational programs, participation at National Historic Sites like Fort Walsh SK and Fort Battleford SK as part of their seasonal interpretive programs, re-enactments, personal appearances, and other public events, in historically accurate uniforms and tack.  For many years a Mobile Museum travelled the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia bringing the colourful history of the N.W.M.P. to all generations, including presentations at schools and communities, large and small, throughout the Canadian West.  As in all things, over the years the means of presenting the history of the N.W.M.P. has changed.

The Association is now developing a Living Museum that can be taken to a variety of venues and, depending on the needs of the groups requesting an appearance of the Living Museum, can include historically costumed members, horses, wagons, bell and wall tents, mounted and dismounted drill, historical weapons demonstrations.

In addition, with the participation of our First Nation’s members, tipi raisings can be arranged and the history of our aboriginal predecessors be presented along with a look at how the N.W.M.P. endeavoured to work with and honour the traditions of First Nation’s people.  Several years ago, the Association, with corporate help, produced an historical video of the North-West Mounted Police and their contributions to the development of the Canadian West.  Members of the Association and other regional re-enactment troops made up the performers for this project.  This video continues to be in demand by schools and libraries in the three most western provinces, and is provided free of charge to school divisions and other educators.

New materials are also being developed that will allow the N.W.M.P.C.A. to take their programs directly into schools as part of the current provincial educational curriculum.  Future plans call for enhanced audio-visual resources, plus, the on-going acquisition of artifacts and historically accurate replicas.

From the beginning, the Troop has worked cooperatively with, and made donations of time and/or money to other organizations that celebrate or are a part of the proud history of the N.W.M.P. such as:
• The R.C.M.P. Musical Ride
• The Lord Strathcona Horse (LdSH) Ceremonial Mounted Troop
• The Royal Canadian Legion
• The former Cochrane Ranch Provincial Historical Site, and Western Heritage Centre
• The Canmore Centennial Museum
• Calgary’s Heritage Park
• The Calgary Exhibition and Stampede
• The Bar U Ranch National Historic Site (N.H.S.)
• The Riders of the Plains
• Fort Macleod, Fort Calgary, Fort Walsh N.H.S., Fort Battleford N.H.S., Fort Steele, Fort Edmonton Park, the community of Banff.

If you would like to find out more about the history of the North-West Mounted Police or the N.W.M.P. Commemorative Association, please contact us.

If you know of any historical artifacts, photos, or documents pertaining to the N.W.M.P. or R.N.W.M.P., please let us know.  As a non-profit organization, support was, and continues to be, derived in part from donations by groups or sponsors who request the N.W.M.P.C.A. appear at their special events.  Funds are also raised through participation and with the support of the Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission.

You can contact the Association by the following:
N.W.M.P. Commemorative Association
P.O. Box 52179
311 – 16th Avenue N.E.
Calgary, AB
T2E 8K9
E-mail: via this website at info@nwmpca.ca or at nwmpca@telus.net
Fax (403) 601-4909
The information relating to the N.W.M.P.C.A. and the logos and crest contained herein are © and ® by the N.W.M.P. Commemorative Association 09/12

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