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In this section you will find a selection of books that relate directly to the early history of the N.W.M.P. or the men or events that marked their era. Some are outdated and/or out of print, but may be found in central libraries or through a loan programme. Most have an ISBN number and should be available through local libraries or for purchase.

As this site evolves, this page will be updated with new content and commentary added to individual books to assist in your research. If you know of books or articles which may have a place in this section, please drop us a note with your suggestions! Thanks for looking in and Enjoy!

“The North-West Mounted Police – 1873 – 1893”, Volume I and II, by John Peter TURNER / Published in Ottawa by King’s Printer, 1950.

“Forty Years in Canada – Reminiscences of the Great North-West”, by Col. S.B. STEELE, C.B. M.V.O., Royal North-West Mounted Police / Published in New York by Dodd, Mead & Company, 1915. Facsimile Edition published by Coles Publishing Company, 1973. ( Part of the Coles Canadiana Collection.)

“Sitting Bull’s Boss – Above the Medicine Line with James Morrow WALSH”, By Ian ANDERSON, ISBN 1-895811-63-5 / Published in Surrey, B.C. by Heritage House Publishing Company Ltd., 2000.

“The Law Marches West” by Sir Cecil E. DENNY / Published in Toronto by J.M. DENT AND SONS (Canada) Ltd., 1939.

“The lost Patrol”, by Dick NORTH, ISBN 0-88240-106-8 / Published in Anchorage, Alaska, by Alaska Northwest Publishing Company, 1978.

“Blood Red the Sun”, by William Bleadsdell CAMERON / Published in Calgary, Alberta by Kenway Publishing Company, 1926.

“William Parker – Mounted Policeman”, edited by Hugh A. DEMPSEY, ISBN 0-88830-072-7 / Published in Edmonton, Alberta by Hurtig Publishers, 1973.

“Mounted Police Life in Canada – A record of Thirty-One Years’ Service, 1883-1914”, by Captain R. Burton DEANE / Originally published in 1916 by Cassell and Company Ltd., London, New York, Toronto & Melbourne. Facsimile Edition published by Coles Publishing Company, 1973.  ( Part of the Coles Canadiana Collection.)

“The Great Adventure – How the Mounties Conquered the West”, by David Cruise & Alison Griffiths, ISBN 0-14-013881-1 / Published by the Penguin Group, Penguin Books, 1996.

Jerry POTTS – Paladin of the Plains”, by Bernard D. FARDY / Published in Langley, B.C. by MR. PAPERBACK, 1984.

Big Bear – The End of Freedom”, by Hugh A. DEMPSEY, ISBN 0-88894-506-X  / Published by Greystone Books, Vancouver, B.C., 1984.

“Bear Child – The Life and Times of Jerry Potts”, by Rodger D. Touchie, ISBN 1-894384-63-6 / Published by Heritage House.

“Trooper and Redskin In The Far North-West: Recollections of Life in the Northwest Mounted Police”, by John G. DONKIN, ISBN: 143046335X (ISBN – 13: 9781430463351) / Published by ________.

“The Pictorial History of the R.C.M.P.” by S.W. HORRALL, ISBN: 0-07-077366-1/ published by McGraw, Hill, Ryerson Ltd.

“Red Coats on the Prairies” by B. BEAHAN and S. HORRALL, ISBN: 1-894022-01-7 / published by Print West Publishing Services, Regina, Sask.

“Sam Steele – Lion of the Frontier” by R. STUART, ISBN: 13:978-1894022231 / published by Centax Books and Distribution.

“The Horses of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police – A pictorial history.” by W. and N. KELLY, ISBN: 0-385-19544-3 / Published by D.W. FRIESEN and Sons Ltd.

“The Treaties of Canada with the Indians” by Alexander MORRIS, ISBN: 1-55267-141-0 / reprinted for Prospero Canadian Collection by Prospero Books, 2000, Toronto, Ont.

“Vet in the Saddle – John L. POETT: First Veterinary Surgeon of the NorthWest Mounted Police” by Franklin M. LOEW and Edward H. WOOD, ISBN: 0-88833-000-6 / Published by Western Producer Prairie Books, Saskatoon, Sask.

“Arms & Accoutrements of the Mounted Police” by Roger PHILLIPS and Don KLANCHER, ISBN: 0-919316-84-0 / published by Museum Restoration Services, Bloomfield, Ont.


The Diary of Henri Julien – web-site:

Henri JULIEN was an illustrator and chronicler who accompanied the N.W.M.P. on the March West, 1874.

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